Winter Haircare Tips

Posted By Urban Escape Hair / July 26, 2016

Winter Haircare Tips
How to keep your look ‘HOT’ this Winter!

By Craig Withers, Creative Director, Urban Escape Hair

Scarfs, jackets and central heating make Winter the toughest time for getting, and maintaining, healthy looking hair. Here are my top tips on achieving impossibly sexy and chic hair, during the cooler months.

Keep it blunt
Keep layers to a minimum in Winter and ask for a solid, clean cut with blunt ends. It’s much more chic and modern for the cooler weather, while long and layered styles instantly give off a ‘beachy boho’ vibe, which is of course great in summer.

Pick your parting
You don’t always need to overhaul your hairstyle to feel fresh; a change of parting will instantly revive your look. A messy centre-part gives off a cool, laidback vibe, while switching it to the side equals instant glamour.

Shine on
Caring for your hair should call for the usual suspects: hydrating products and weekly treatments. These include daily application of the Aveda Dry Remedy Oil, which will help with lifeless, dry looking hair. A quick fix and favourite of mine is to layer my guests’ hair with a good-quality shine spray. People are sometimes afraid to use shine sprays because they’re worried it will leave hair greasy, but my trick is to flip your head upside down and spray it in from underneath, quick blast of the dryer moves it throughout the hair evenly. That way it absorbs straight into the hair without overloading it.
Try: Aveda Brilliant Spray on Shine.

Boost in between
If your hair tends to look dull in Winter, reinvigorate it with the intense shine of a demi permanent gloss which is a great remedy for the Winter doldrums. Alternatively, give it a temporary boost with a colour-depositing shampoo. As they contain a hint of pigment, they revive the shade and make hair shine beautifully between salon visits.
For blonde hair try Aveda’s Blue Malva Shampoo or revive red tones with Aveda’s Madder Root Shampoo.


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