Best Foods For Amazing Hair – Part 1

Posted By Urban Escape Hair / March 31, 2015


Ok, evening we admit it. We can ensure you step out of Urban Escape with amazing hair, but what healthy, shiny, amazing hair comes down to, are the foods you choose to nourish your body with.

This is part 1 of our two-part series of ‘Best foods for amazing hair’. Hopefully you like most, if not all of these foods, and include them regularly in your diet.


A food previously touted as having ‘too much cholesterol’ (a myth which has been debunked), eggs (especially their yolks), have amazing nutritional properties. Eggs are rich in vitamin B5 and B12 to stimulate hair growth, as well as biotin, which thickens the hair shaft.

Sweet potato

Apart from tasting so damn (especially when baked like chips in this picture), sweet potato is not only a gluten free friendly carbohydrate to feel you full and satiated, but works for the good of your hair – bonus! Sweet potato helps protect, and produce the oils that sustain good scalp health, equalling to wonderful hair health.


Whilst it’s not berry season, we suggest buying frozen organic berries during the winter months, and sneaking them into porridges, baked goods and the odd smoothie. The vitamin C in blueberries aids the absorption of iron in foods, so they’re great to eat in conjunction with iron rich foods (that doesn’t mean you have to have ‘meat and blueberries’, but rather think dark leafy greens, for example. Also, as vitamin C is an antioxidant, it is readily used by the body.


The humble banana. Most of us love them, and they are naturally rich in potassium, magnesium, manganese and zinc, which are all top nutrients to ensure great quality hair and skin. They are so easy to incorporate into your diet but beware not to overload on your narnies, as they are high in fructose (fruit sugar). Are your banana’s starting to go spotty? As soon as, or just before they do, peel them and put them in freezer bags into the freezer for use in smoothies or quick and easy frozen banana ‘ice cream’!


Salmon is a fantastic hair food because it’s loaded with protein, fish oil, and selenium to strengthen and encourage hair growth. You can bake your salmon, cut it up and make stir-fry’s with it, save left overs and flake it into a salad the next day. Salmon is so versatile and a great choice when eating out if you’re not sure about other types of protein on the menu, as it’s usually local and fresh.


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